Soul Vision Healing
Celtic Shamanism & Bodywork

There is a calling in each of us; to impact this world in ways that are innately rooted within us. My passion aligns with assisting others in facilitating balance and clarity through multiple levels of healing. Using my intuition, as well as knowledge from classically trained programs, imbalances are addressed within the body, mind, spirit, emotions and psyche. This creates space that is essential for your truest nature to arise and transformation to occur. As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner, I am able to intertwine my expertise within both realms proficiently, initiating healing that's meaningful to you.  

Celtic Shamanism is a path; a journey which life has prepared one for. When I heard my calling, the transformation that occurred was powerful and life changing. 

Celtic Shamanism works with the energy of the spirit body and finding areas of discordance; transmuting, removing, lifting and enhancing energy to create balance and alignment towards your true nature.  I am honored to be a part of this path; connecting with each person individually, and collectively, our humanity.

Very powerful reading with Karen--uncovering some energies that I'd not been aware of in my life...and I already feel lighter knowing the role that they played and are now cleared! Karen is a delight to work with!!

Absolutely mind blowing. What a genuinely amazing experience.
Karen is guided and does Outstanding Healings. I do Healing Work myself, so from one healer to another I can tell you she's the real deal. Thank you so much Karen for giving me an insight to my path.
Thank you Karen for your help with bringing love, compassion, peace, comfort and forgiveness to my heart.
Karen is definitely an angel here on earth doing amazing work to help others including myself.
Karen is compassionate and courageous. She seems like the type of person who is characterized unanimously as an angel on Earth. Working with her to heal physical disease at age 30 with spiritual transformation has been more meaningful and effective than any allopathic physical treatments. She's worth it.
Karen is always caring and on point with her sessions. I always feel I have really pushed through to the next page on the healing chapters of my life journey!
Services Provided
All services are provided through distance format. 
 We would connect on the phone before and after the session. 
Shamanic Healing Session

This is a multidimensional process. What shows up will depend upon your intentions and healing needs for the session. What areas are you having challenges in moving forward? Do you feel blocked in any aspects of your life? Here is a list of common things that may present itself: 

  • Cleanse and clear aura.  Repair any tears or damage.
  • Chakra balancing and repair if necessary.
  • Soul piece retrieval from this lifetime or past lives.
  • Physical ailments needing specific attention.
  • Entity or negative energy removal.
  • Generation or ancestral ties that are destructive, broken.
  • Unhealthy cords to relationships or energy drains
  • Past relationships, trauma or abuse
  • Insight to continue deep healing beyond the session

This is a session working on the physical body through a distance format. I work on your physical body, as well as tuning into your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies; finding areas of discord that may be impacting your system in a way that shows up physically.

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Please contact me if you have any questions or inquiries. 

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I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you on your journey.